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I am a "Basset Fauve de Bretagne" (I know,difficult to say at first!)and my birthday is April 1st 2009. My new parents collected me on June 7th from Wiltshire and I came to live in Horsforth,Leeds.I hope you check in often to see my photos, and read all about my adventures/misadventures!(My little brother,Henri, joined the pack in March 2012)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Poor Fluffy Dog!!

I don't know what makes me behave in such a weird way with my fluffy dog, or why everyone yells "H-A-R-V-E-Y --- no-oo!!!" I think I'm imagining dragging a rabbit or squirrel across the ground outside, but I get told off and told to stop!! Anyway, make your own mind up. Maybe it's just that I'm misunderstood!Perhaps I'll grow out of it soon (or not???) Harvey xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My brother Woody!

Hi everyone ....I had the best time ever last Sunday. I met my brother, Woody! Mum and dad had been invited up to Northumberland to meet Woody's parents,Sue and Chuck, who were having a weeks holiday up there.

I was out chewing a bone in the garden (Woody was on a walk with his dad) when another fauve, looking JUST like me, ran over and gave me a good sniff! I think I just KNEW straight away that he was the other boy from my litter, because we loved each other from the start!

We were SO excited..especially when the grown-ups took us down to the beach to play. Wow! I'd never even been off the lead before, so to race along with my brother,Woody, was just about the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!

We all went back to the cottage so the parents could chat over lunch (they're good at that, aren't they!) and Woody and I just chilled out together. I forgot to mention, Woody had his big OTHER brother, a labrador called Ben, with him, but he was okay with me being there, I think.

It was sad saying goodbye but mum promised we'd be going down to Devon to see Woody and his family before too long...I can't wait! I really wish I had a fauve brother to play with every day...mum just said "we'll see what we can do" so... I live in hope!!!

On the way home, we went to see uncle David, aunty Joanne and baby Caleb. I was SO tired after playing all day that I just lay on the floor and hardly moved...they were all very impressed with my good behaviour...if they only knew... it was because I was too tired to even move!!!

I saw Tinky in Golden Acre Park today and we had a GREAT walk together..a "civilised" walk, Maria said. Maybe we're growing up a bit and don't need to rough and tumble so much anymore! I LOVE seeing Tinky and her mum and dad!!

Time for me to go check out who's walking past the window...stay safe and don't forget to keep checking in! Hugs and licks xx Harvey

Friday, 16 October 2009

Tinky and her mum at the Dog Show!

Tinky coming second in her group AND qualifying for Crufts next year!

Six months old!

Hi everyone! I know it's been ages since I last chatted to you all, but I'll try not to leave it so long from now on!

What have I been up to? Hmmm...let me see.

As you may have noticed, I've been quite busy growing bigger over the last few weeks. I've been going to "Tailwaggers" and have now "graduated" to Puppy class 2. I love it when we meet all the other puppies at the class, but, as you know, I only have eyes for Tinky (my half-sister/girlfriend) when we're in the hall together. I just LOVE her to bits! She was SO clever last weekend at the dog show in Leicester. ( I wasn't allowed to go, for two reasons a) mum said I'd be too giddy (as if!!) and b)something about me not having all the correctly descended body parts that boys apparently need to be in a show....don't ask me what THAT'S all about!!

Anyway, Tinky did brilliantly (well, she IS gorgeous!) and qualified for CRUFTS!! I'll ask mum to help me send a photo of the big event so you can see how great she looked....I'm SO looking forward to our class tonight, so that I can bark how proud I am of her!

I'm really excited about this weekend, as mum and dad are taking me to Northumberland... to meet my brother and sister litter-mates!! We're going to Woody's cottage first, then meeting up with Saffie and her family on the beach!!! Wow! My first time at the sea-side, I can't wait! I promise to post lots of pics next week and tell you all about it!

Must go now as nature calls! xxx big licks xx Harvey

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sorry it's been so long!!

"I wonder what's on the other side of this wall?"
"These logs behind me are making a noise!"

"Everyone at the Market Hall, Chipping Campden"
Hi Everyone,I know it's been quite a while since my last post, but now the computer problems are sorted, I can tell you what I've been up to over the last few weeks!

I've been quite busy since my last posts.My parents took me on holiday to the "Cotswolds" and we had a great time.I think they were wondering how I'd be in a holiday cottage (no trust!) but I made them proud of me,if I say so myself! Mind you - I was a bit spoiled. Whenever we were out for a walk, people would stop and make a fuss of me - don't think there are many Basset Fauves in Chipping Campden! I didn't mind one bit, as it gave me chance to jump up at people (which I get told off about!)

Uncle Jim, his wife Miyoko, mum's cousin and her family came to stay with us over the first weekend.I think they were a bit worried about taking me along for a meal, but dogs were quite welcome in most places and I just lay down calmly, under the table during dinner...I got 10/10 THAT evening!!

When we got home on Friday, mum took me to my "Tailwaggers" class. Tinky was there...what a great end to the week!We had a bit of a rough and tumble after the class but it was great to see her (and her mum and dad !)

Hope you enjoy the photos. Check in next week for more Harvey Hound news! Hugs and licks xxxx Harvey

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Stafford Hound Show!

My sad face when I knew Tinky had gone home!

(That's my dad,Moss, in the middle with Karen.)

Mum and dad went to the Stafford Hound Show today.(Big brother Sam looked after me!)
My dad,Moss, was there with his owner,Karen. Mum said he looked very handsome!They met lots of fauves with their families and also Liz and Bruce,my first ever parents.
Liz and Bruce said that I can go and stay with them in Wiltshire when mum and dad are on holiday in the Cotswolds. Yeah! That means I'll be with my(birth) mum,aunt,two cousins AND two other visiting puppies.(Not to mention the Irish Wolfhounds!)
I heard whispers about how I'll be learning important (pack order) lessons and "good manners" whilst I'm there.... SOO-OO many things to learn at the moment...a puppy could feel quite dizzy(!!! )licks and snuffles xx Harvey


Tinky's parents

Hi everyone - I've been really sad this last week as Tinky's parents came and took her home. Mum said that I seemed "deep-rest" whatever that means! I missed her SO-OO much !

Guess what? Mum and dad took me to "Tailwaggers" puppy class on Friday and ---- Tinky was there!!! We were a bit giddy when we first saw each other, but it was so good to see her.

There was a fluffy,white boy there called Rocky and a tiny,tiny little girl called Ruby.

All the parents had to swop puppies so we got to have cuddles with everyone!

I'm ashamed to say that I let the (fauve) side down by whining all the way through the class...the other three puppies were very well behaved as you might guess...I'll just have to try harder next week. I felt a bit better though when I was told how well I'd been doing with my toilet training! Well,I've got to be good at SOMETHING!

Still, I get to meet all my new friends every Friday evening AND Tinky's coming over to play on Sunday afternoon - it's a good life really - I've just got to toughen up a bit and not be such a big baby (who mentioned the car! I never said ANYTHING about that ....did I???) wiggles and licks xx Harvey

Saturday, 25 July 2009

More goodbyes!

More pics of us saying goodbye to Tom and Sophie!

Take care and have a happy (and very safe!!) holiday.

Goodbye,Tom and Sophie!

Tom and Sophie are going to Thailand today for three weeks.

It was sad saying goodbye to them! Only two more sleeps for Tinky though and her parents will be back...then I'LL be really,really sad!! We've become best ever friends and we follow each other everywhere now. I'm going to miss her SO SO SO much!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Double Trouble!!

Tinky and I are having the BEST time ever! Just look at the pics mum took of us over the last week...some days I love Tinky SOO-OO much that I try to squeeze in the crate with her for a nap ...other times,we find our own spaces in the play area,but we sleep at the same times so that works out okay.

My mum thinks it's so funny how we "kiss" each other after eating... little does she know that we're just licking crumbs off each other's faces so as not to waste any bits of food!! Who-mans have some strange ideas sometimes! Any way,must go now and chase Tinky as she's crept off with my bone while I've been blogging! sniffs and licks xx Harvey

Monday, 20 July 2009

My new best friend!

Hi everyone,

Tinky and I are having the BEST time ever! I can't believe it when I get up every morning and she's still here to play with! I heard mum on the phone, telling Tinky's mum that we've calmed down a lot since Friday.No more barking now,just lots of walks and woof and tumbles together. I LOVE her so much,but I think she sees me as being a bit too boisterous at times ... it's just that I love it when we play chase together round the table.Mum gave us lots of hide bones but, for some reason,I like to make Tinky chase me for the one I take from her!

We're both a bit braver now, when cars pass by on our walks. Best of all though, we love the big field, with all it's great sniffs and smells. Tinky would like to say a few words to her parents,as she knows they'll be checking out the blog later! (I've told her not to tell them what a pain I've been,or we might not be allowed to play together again!)

Hi mum and dad! I hope you're having a great holiday in Finland. I miss you both so much,but Mary told me that you'll be back before too long! I'm having a good time learning how to put up with " a certain annoying boy" and also how to teach him that girls really know best! Harvey's much better with me now,though, and we've had lots of fun ...we've even snuggled up together for a sleep!!! Lots of licks and barks from me and Harvey xxx

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tinky and I together!

What shall we play next?

I even shared my Nina Ottosson brick game with Tinky!

Where did we hide those bones?

Big brother,Tom with me and Tinky!

Tinky's here at last!

Hi friends - Tinky arrived at lunch-time, but I was TOO excited to think about food.We played for HOURS!Mum thought we'd wear ourselves out - she must be joking!!
Mind you, I think Tinky was getting a bit fed up of me barking "chase me,chase me" all the time, but she's just so gorgeous, how could I help myself?
Mum and dad walked us at 8.oopm, in the pouring rain, but we loved it.We met Oscar.He lives round the corner from me. After dinner we were still full of energy, but Tinky fell asleep at 9.00pm.Mum put her in my crate and I slept in the one upstairs - the end to a perfect day!(Can't wait for tomorrow, when we can start all over again! xx Licks and yawns x Harvey
(Oh! Tinky wants me to add a quick note to tell her parents she loves them and misses them,but will be okay, as long as I let her be the boss sometimes!)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Games!

Take a look at me being "interactive" with my new brick game!

Hi friends - Tinky's mum told us about Nina Ottosson interactive games for dogs(and cats!)Of course,my mum couldn't wait to see what they were like and ordered two for me.
They're supposed to help with "mental stimulation"...whatever that means(!!)
Mum thinks they're educational (I don't like to tell her that it's only because there's food involved that I can be bothered to complete the tasks!) I can't wait until Tinky gets here tomorrow and brings her game with her - I just hope the "who-mans" don't expect us to sit around being clever all week - I have plans for lots of "woof and tumbles" with my cool half-sister!
We had a second meet-up on Tuesday and managed a few quick barks about our plans for next week.I know my mum will drive us crazy with photo-shoots so she can pee-mail Tinky's mum and let her know we're okay together.I'll keep you posted.Don't forget to pee-mail me anytime xx licks and barks xxx Harvey

Sunday, 12 July 2009

My First Play-date!

(We took Harvey on his first visit to "Golden Acre Park" in Bramhope, Leeds to meet Tinky, his half-sister, and her parents, Maria and Liam. He wants to tell you all about his great day!) Thanks, mum.Well, where do I begin? I've just had TH-E-E most fantastic day with Tinky and our parents at Golden Acre. We met in the car-park and it was love at first sight ....it was like we'd known each other all our doggy lives! At first, we just sniffed each other and were quite polite, but after a few minutes--well---let me just say --- I'd forgotten how much I'd missed having "fauve frolics", like the ones I'd had (when I was at Liz's and Bruce's) with my fauve cousins. We were both so excited that we could hardly walk straight! We met other polite dogs too - we all said "hi" and shared good sniffs. Tinky and her parents came back to our house, and we carried on our crazy games in my garden.

GUESS WHAT? Tinky's going to stay at our house for a WHOLE week while her mum and dad go to Finland. Boy! I can't wait. Tinky and I have already barked to each other about the great time we're going to have together - we're already rubbing our paws together with excitement!

Tinky liked the look of my toys when she was here,but I'm ashamed to say I wasn't very good at letting her play with them - maybe next week I'll be more relaxed - I might even be glad to go off and have a nap now and then,which I - er -need to do now as I'm paws-itively shattered after all that playing today. Thank you Tinky, for a great play-date.

Licks and yawns xxx Harvey

Monday, 6 July 2009

A present from Preston!

Hi friends,

Can you believe it! I had a package all the way from America - from Preston, my first ever cyber friend. Wow! I couldn't believe it when I saw the terrific "poochie bells" inside. Cheers, Preston! They're so-o cool...it's really kind of you, and your mum, Suzz.(If you take a look at Preston's blog, you'll see how clever he is using his bells) I love it when they jingle - great idea for when I need to--e-hem-take a toilet break!

It's Preston's birthday on 9th July so HAPPY BIRTHDAY,PRESTON! Have a great day in Boston!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

Hi friends! Sorry it's been a while since I used the "com-poo-ter" but it had to be repaired last week. Now it's back,I'm allowed to be the first one to use it -hurray! This is my mum's fauve-rite picture of me at the moment - it's my "I wouldn't DREAM of snatching the socks from the washing pile ( thanks Liz, for telling my mum I did such things!) OR try to chew the bottoms of peoples jeans" face! I really couldn't help myself, you know. Mind you,when mum sprayed "chew repellent" on everyones jeans,it tasted so bad that I went back to my toys. Only a few more sleeps now until I can meet up with Tinky, my half-sister-Yeah! My second visit to the vet's went well.I didn't even cry or make a fuss when I had the vaccine thing.I felt a BIT scared while we were waiting,but once I was up on the table I even rolled on my back so the vet could check me over- AND tickle my tummy, of course!

My mum laughed when she heard that Tinky has a "wild hour" every evening....ha ha ha! Me too! This girl sounds SO like me it's untrue! I just can't wait for the "so-shall-I-say- tion" to begin!

love and licks xxx Harvey

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Me soaking up the sunshine on Saturday!

My First Playdate!

Guess what? I've got my first playdate! Can you believe it..... and it's with a girl Fauve! She's called Tinky, and her breeder (Karen Higgins) helped our mums get in touch. Karen has 'Moss' our dad, so were related too - can't wait to meet Tinky in a few weeks, when I get the all clear from my vet!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Well, I've been with my new 'forever' family for a week. My journey started last Sunday from Wiltshire. I overheard my family saying how glad they were that I'd slept for three hours, having been sick when we first set off (I only did that because it was SO hard saying good-bye to my sister, brother and first lovely, kind, human parents) When we got back to Leeds,I suddenly felt okay, and loved meeting the rest of my new, human pack. They all decided I was handsome and cute (Well, I kind of knew that, because Liz and Bruce told me every day!) It's been a great week, with loads of explorations, digging and cuddles. I'll sign in again next week, and tell you what I've been up to.

All about Harvey!

Harvey is a "Basset Fauve de Bretagne" and he was born on April 1st 2009.
We collected him from his breeders,Liz and Bruce,on June 7th.This is our very first post, but we hope to up-date regularly with Harvey's news and photos!