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I am a "Basset Fauve de Bretagne" (I know,difficult to say at first!)and my birthday is April 1st 2009. My new parents collected me on June 7th from Wiltshire and I came to live in Horsforth,Leeds.I hope you check in often to see my photos, and read all about my adventures/misadventures!(My little brother,Henri, joined the pack in March 2012)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Alfie's Visit....

Check out my cool little cousin, Alfie!
Alfie's a Petite Griffon Vendeen and very handsome. He belongs to mum's niece, Lydia and her family.
Alfie's nearly three months old and I thought it was great when mum looked after him for a day last week. Look how tiny he is compared to me!
We had a cool time running round the garden and playing "woof and tumbles" together.
I really loved him (more than he loves me, I think!) I hope we're going to be great friends and have lots of long walks together during the summer.
Lydia's going to let Alfie start blogging as soon as he can use his paws on the poo-ter...so watch out for him on my list of friends!
Well folks, I have to dash as nature calls, but thanks to all you followers out there for giving me a great excuse to blog ....

Woofs and licks xxx Harvey x

Come in, Alfie....don't be scared.

Alfie got the best bed!...

Wake up Alfie, "I want to play!"

You sure are handsome, Alfie!!

The collar of shame!!!!

Mum took me to the vets a few weeks ago. I had to have something called a "cat- stray- shon" whatever that is! When mum came to collect me I felt all wobbly and strange...what was that pain I could feel?? Ouch! I still felt wibbly -wobbly in the evening and just wanted to sleep.
While we were in Devon, we had all watched a D.V.D. called "UP" and laughed when Dougie had to wear the "collar of shame" (Dougie's a fauve...he has to be!) Well..guess what? I had to wear one too, so I know just how he felt,poor guy!
I'm not sure what "shame" means, but whatever it is, the collar thing stopped me licking where it hurt and now I'm fine x H

Monday, 3 May 2010

Holidays and operations!

Woof! to any blog readers who still bother to follow my adventures.

I'm trying hard to get back on the blogging waggon, so I'll post all my latest news in the hope that I eventually catch up...mind you, it is tough being the author AND the publisher! I have to rely on the who-mans for the photography department.. er.. enough said!!

Where shall I begin? How about my holiday in Devon!

We had a great time with Sue, Chuck and the dogs: Missy, Ben, Woody and, last but certainly not least, Miss Twiggy!! (Oh, there were two cats too, but I prefer not to talk about them!)
I couldn't believe how great it was to run around all day with my brother and his pack.

My mum called it something like "so-shall-I-say-tion", well, whatever it was, it felt great!

On the way down to Devon (when I eventually stopped whining) we called to see my first-ever parents, Liz and Bruce.

Wow! My bio- mum, Cracker, was there and my two fauve cousins, Milo and Marmi.
I'm not sure what came over me, but I couldn't leave Marmi alone...I loved her so much. After a while she needed a break from me though and she escaped to her crate. It was lovely to see my first-ever family...Liz said I was very handsome!!!

I magine how great it was when, arriving in Devon, there was ANOTHER girl for me to fall in love with!

Twiggy's the baby of the pack ( only three months old) but she can "woof and tumble" like the rest of us. She's beautiful and the other dogs were really friendly - no bad tempers or falling out.

I felt sad leaving all my new friends and slept for 5 hours on the way home...can dogs feel deep-rest?? YES!