About Me

I am a "Basset Fauve de Bretagne" (I know,difficult to say at first!)and my birthday is April 1st 2009. My new parents collected me on June 7th from Wiltshire and I came to live in Horsforth,Leeds.I hope you check in often to see my photos, and read all about my adventures/misadventures!(My little brother,Henri, joined the pack in March 2012)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sorry it's been so long!!

"I wonder what's on the other side of this wall?"
"These logs behind me are making a noise!"

"Everyone at the Market Hall, Chipping Campden"
Hi Everyone,I know it's been quite a while since my last post, but now the computer problems are sorted, I can tell you what I've been up to over the last few weeks!

I've been quite busy since my last posts.My parents took me on holiday to the "Cotswolds" and we had a great time.I think they were wondering how I'd be in a holiday cottage (no trust!) but I made them proud of me,if I say so myself! Mind you - I was a bit spoiled. Whenever we were out for a walk, people would stop and make a fuss of me - don't think there are many Basset Fauves in Chipping Campden! I didn't mind one bit, as it gave me chance to jump up at people (which I get told off about!)

Uncle Jim, his wife Miyoko, mum's cousin and her family came to stay with us over the first weekend.I think they were a bit worried about taking me along for a meal, but dogs were quite welcome in most places and I just lay down calmly, under the table during dinner...I got 10/10 THAT evening!!

When we got home on Friday, mum took me to my "Tailwaggers" class. Tinky was there...what a great end to the week!We had a bit of a rough and tumble after the class but it was great to see her (and her mum and dad !)

Hope you enjoy the photos. Check in next week for more Harvey Hound news! Hugs and licks xxxx Harvey

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Stafford Hound Show!

My sad face when I knew Tinky had gone home!

(That's my dad,Moss, in the middle with Karen.)

Mum and dad went to the Stafford Hound Show today.(Big brother Sam looked after me!)
My dad,Moss, was there with his owner,Karen. Mum said he looked very handsome!They met lots of fauves with their families and also Liz and Bruce,my first ever parents.
Liz and Bruce said that I can go and stay with them in Wiltshire when mum and dad are on holiday in the Cotswolds. Yeah! That means I'll be with my(birth) mum,aunt,two cousins AND two other visiting puppies.(Not to mention the Irish Wolfhounds!)
I heard whispers about how I'll be learning important (pack order) lessons and "good manners" whilst I'm there.... SOO-OO many things to learn at the moment...a puppy could feel quite dizzy(!!! )licks and snuffles xx Harvey


Tinky's parents

Hi everyone - I've been really sad this last week as Tinky's parents came and took her home. Mum said that I seemed "deep-rest" whatever that means! I missed her SO-OO much !

Guess what? Mum and dad took me to "Tailwaggers" puppy class on Friday and ---- Tinky was there!!! We were a bit giddy when we first saw each other, but it was so good to see her.

There was a fluffy,white boy there called Rocky and a tiny,tiny little girl called Ruby.

All the parents had to swop puppies so we got to have cuddles with everyone!

I'm ashamed to say that I let the (fauve) side down by whining all the way through the class...the other three puppies were very well behaved as you might guess...I'll just have to try harder next week. I felt a bit better though when I was told how well I'd been doing with my toilet training! Well,I've got to be good at SOMETHING!

Still, I get to meet all my new friends every Friday evening AND Tinky's coming over to play on Sunday afternoon - it's a good life really - I've just got to toughen up a bit and not be such a big baby (who mentioned the car! I never said ANYTHING about that ....did I???) wiggles and licks xx Harvey