About Me

I am a "Basset Fauve de Bretagne" (I know,difficult to say at first!)and my birthday is April 1st 2009. My new parents collected me on June 7th from Wiltshire and I came to live in Horsforth,Leeds.I hope you check in often to see my photos, and read all about my adventures/misadventures!(My little brother,Henri, joined the pack in March 2012)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm back!!

Hi everyone!Remember me? I'm SO, SO sorry that I haven't blogged since last year!
If anyone reading this can be bothered to read on, then I promise to try and keep myself floating in cyber-space from now on!
Of course, you know I'm going to blame my mum for not letting me post - well,if the truth be known,she always had help from my uncles, Sam and Tom.Now they don't live at home anymore :( mum couldn't remember my password etc- SO-OO -you guessed it!....NO posts!!
I- being the great scent hound that I am -( but not wanting to brag!) found the book with everything written down, so now there's no excuse!!

Where did the time go? I'm now 2 years old and a fully grown fauve at last. My parents still think I'm the best dog EVER- I guess that's because I haven't disgraced myself much over the last 8 months - well, that's if you don't count the time I stole a chicken drumstick from the table at my dad's 60th party AND the time I rolled in fox poop 'cause it smelt SO good and ... and ... I won't enbarrass myself by going on...ANYWAY...I'm back and I promise to post regularly from now on.( Mum says to apologise for lack of photos, but she's working on that for next week!)
Thanks, to anyone reading this, for checking in!
hugs and woofs until next week xxxx Harvey the hound xxx